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Contract Spraying


With over 30 years experience in spray coating technology and services to a variety of industries Protx has grown into a leading player in the spray finishing industry.


Protx provides a complete package in spray finishing services. We offer high quality 2K Industrial quality coating applications and processes for a wide range of industrial sectors. Our extensive range of coatings are engineered and designed to extend the life of critical components and fabrications of all shapes and sizes

Our facilities include 10,000sqft of floor area, two spray booths with modern heating and drying facilities and a specialist extraction system.

Spray booth dimensions:

1.) Booth 1 - 16m x 6m x 5m

2.) Booth 2 - 6m x 3m x 3m

We are able to paint to exact customer specifications and our ovens cure the paint at temperatures of up to 80 degrees to ensure a superior finish.

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