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Thermal Spraying Steel Storage Tanks


Steel storage tanks are the primary means for storing large volumes of liquids and gaseous products. The stored fluid could be water, but it could be a volatile, corrosive, and flammable fluid requiring special precautions for storage as well. It is extremely important to maintain the integrity of on-grade and buried carbon steel storage tanks for economic and environmental reasons.


For water storage tanks, internal corrosion can result in changes in color (turbidity) and taste that would be of importance for potable water. For boiler feed water storage tanks, corrosion products in the water can result in damage to the boiler. There may be specific requirements for the stored products including temperature, pressure, and control of contamination. Metal loss from internal and external corrosion can reduce the service life of the tank. External corrosion can occur because of contact with the soil and moisture in the soil. The main causes of internal corrosion are contact with corrosive storage products and water collected on the bottom of the tank.


Metal sprayed coatings can be applied to the Interior surface of storage tanks to prevent contamination of the stored product and to extend the useful life of the storage tank. Thermal sprayed coatings can also provide economic benefit for example water storage tanks can be lined with a thermal sprayed copper internal surface. This will provide significant savings in fabrication and material costs. Thermal sprayed coatings are flexible and provide options that can benefit product design, functionality, durabilty and economics. 



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