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Intumescent Fire Protection

Protx provide comprehensive intumescent fire protection services for  steel, cementitious structures, wooden members, container tanks and vessels.

What is Intumescent Fire Protection?

Intumescent fireproofing prolongs the integrity of the steel structure of a building in the event of fire and therefore saves lives. Its basically a layer of paint which is applied in addition to the original coating system. Intumescent paint provides insulation as a result of a complex chemical reaction at temperatures typically of about 200-250°C. At these temperatures the properties of steel will not be affected. As a result of this reaction they swell and provide an expanded layer of low conductivity char.

Protx offer a range of intumescent paint solutions to suit any steel structure and duration of fire protection required. We can provide solutions for any of your needs to achieve anything from 30 to 120 minutes fire protection.

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