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Achieving consistant high quality requires considerable skill and experience to select develop and refine many bespoke processes. Protx has been at the leading edge of these processes for the past 15 years. Throughout this time we have developed a depth of skill and experience unparalleled in the finishing market. Our success can be attributed to the following factors: 

Skilled Techinicians

A business cannot achieve success without a skilled workforce. Many of our employess have been with us for over ten years, continually refining and developing their skills and experience.

Paints and Lacquers

Protx only use the highest quality paints and lacquers from the leading paint manufacturers within the industry. We only use products with proven performance therefore ensuring longterm durability. It takes decades of skills and experience to understand what paints and lacquers work best together to give the best and most durable finish. Paint techonolgy is constantly evolving we have the resources to invest in research and development to ensure we are providing the best possible finish.


Over the years Protx has constantly invested in plant and machinery ensuring we have equipment to deal with the volume of work we receive and equipment that provides the best possible finish and durability for our customers.


Testing and Inspection

Protx carry out the various tests on a regular basis to ensure coating quality

- Dry Film Thickness

- Wet Film Thickness

- Gloss level

- Pencil Hardness Testing

- Scratch Adhesion Testing

- Solvent Rub

- Surface Profiling

- Oven Temperature Data Logging

ISO 9001

The achievement of ISO 9001 reinforce the company's commitment to operate with integrity to produce high quality goods, safely, whilst managing our impact on the environment.

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