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New Powder Coating Facility


Protx recently installed a new powder coating line to add to our existing facilites. Our new powder plant utilises 2000sq.ft of floor space and uses the latest powder coating equipment from Airflow and Gema. A key feature of this plant is the heavy duty I-Beam monorail conveyor that enables us to coat components with a maximum weight of 8 tonne. This plant also comprises of a modern powder coating oven and spray booth allowing us to coat components with a maximum size (L)7500mm x (H)1900mm x (W) 3000mm

With the installation of this facility we are now able to powder coat a larger range of component sizes and weights to exact customer specifications to ensure a superior finish.


Our Powder Coating  Facilities are now as follows:

1.) Line 1 - Size limitation (L)6000mm x (H)3000mm x (W) 3000mm 

2.) Line 2 - Size limitation (L)4500mm x (H)2000mm x (W) 3500mm

3.) Line 3 - Size limitation (L)7500mm x (H)1900mm x (W) 3000mm


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